Dr. Villamarin believes that a person seeking his services is first and foremost a human being. As such, he treats each client to meet specific circumstances such as socioeconomic background, personality type, life experiences, and journey challenges that are unique to that individual. Trust, rapport and compassion are critical components of his treatment technique. He also takes the client through the different stages of change, at the pace of the client to make sure that the results are life changing and long lasting. Therapy is custom tailored for each client. The client will terminate with a sense of profound and meaningful transformation.

Individual Psychotherapy

Dr. Villamarin has ample experience treating individuals with anxiety, depression, addictions, and those suffering through loss and grief.


He is particularly adept in working with individuals who have lost meaning for life, have life challenges and those who wish to maximize their human and spiritual potential.


Couples Counseling

A romantic partner has the potential to heal or hurt the other. In couple therapy, Dr. Villamarin helps the couple to share not to hurt each other through accusations. Each partner learns to take responsibility for his/her own emotional baggage; which allows them to perform at higher levels of communication, self-expression and increased forms of emotional intimacy.


Whatever the conflict or pain a couple is experiencing, professional intervention has thepotential to restore the realtionship and to bring healing and joy to its' partners


Family Therapy

Many times a child is “misbehaving” or acting in unusual ways that make him underperform at school or look as if there is something wrong with him. While individual attention is certainly necessary for children, Dr. Villamarin assesses and treats the entire family to focus on circumstances that are impinging on the family such stress, economic challenges, emotional distance, alcohol abuse, illness, death, etc. In a safe environment all these situations come out and the family is able to get a hold of what is affecting them at the root.


Dr. Villamarin invites allmembersofthe family to willingly participate in therapy so that the real reason for family and individual dysfunctionis revealed and processed. All members of the family stand to win equally.

Trauma Intervention

Dr. Villamarin has special training in trauma and loss. He has been quite effective with victims of domestic violence, torture and those suffering the after effects of war, persecution and severe child abuse. 


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